Small Sample of Our Drinks Range

Our Beers and Lagers

We stock a range of beers for beer-lovers.

Our range of draught and bottled products are gluten free, traditionally brewed, full flavoured with no compromise on quality, taste or strength.

Currently we stock on tap:

Saxon ~ a full bodied lager @ 4%

Pullman ~ a first class best bitter @ 4.2%

Our bottles are:

Blonde ~ a crisp, fresh Organic lager @ 5%

Sussex ~ a well hopped Pale Ale @ 3.5%

Conqueror ~ a full of character stout @ 4.5%

Our whole beer, stout and lager range is also suitable for Vegans

Craft Spirits


Brighton Gin is made with 100% British organic wheat spirit - super smooth, and without any of the nasties that can give you a sore and sorry head!

It is re-distill with juniper, fresh orange and lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed (this first UK commercially grown coriander seed in over 200 years) and milk thistle, which is indigenous to the South Downs and renowned for its kindness to the liver function.

Mayfield Gin (Sussex Hop Gin) ~ the hops were discovered as a local wild hop growing in hedge rows and is now cultivated in just one acre of a thirty acre hop farm in Salehurst. Sussex hop now an approved variety gives an amazing citrus as well as a hop character to our fabulous Sussex gin.

Hendricks Gin ~ Hendrick’s wondrous botanical signature consists of flowers, roots, fruits, and seeds from the world over. They function to complement and set the stage for our delicious duet of infusions: rose petal and cucumber.


Blackdown Sussex Vodka ~  this is the first to be Vodka to produced in Sussex. Made from 100% British Wheat Grain Vodka copper pot distilled and charcoal filtered 7 times to remove all impurities to create a smooth and refined Vodka.

Finished with a hint of Sussex Silver Birch Sap to add a delicate sweetness.

New Amsterdam® Vodka ~ is five times distilled from the finest grains then filtered three times. It’s so smooth you can create a perfect cocktail or drink it straight. Our premium process makes our vodka as iconic as the cityscape on the bottle.

Red Square Toffee Vodka Made from 100% pure grain, Red Square vodka is seven times distilled, to produce a wonderfully smooth, crisp taste. It is a creamy indulgent drink best served over ice. 


Fever Tree

"If 3/4 of your Gin & Tonic is the tonic, make sure you use the best"

At The Classic Bar Box Co. we only use the best mixers so we have the full range of Fever Tree tonics on offer.


At The Classic Bar Box Co. we serve the finest Prosecco by tap.

If you prefer you can just hire us to serve Prosecco at your event (see packages for details)